Thursday, February 13, 2020

The CPU as a BlackBox

The black boxes you trust for all of your computations are not secure. They have their own backdoors.
This is why we do defense in depth.  While configuring our systems to run only authenticated software may seem to be over-kill, it may soon be the only reasonable solution.

Investigate ways to enable your systems to execute signed and authenticated software only.

BlackHat 2018

This talk will demonstrate what everyone has long feared but never proven: there are hardware backdoors in some x86 processors, and they're buried deeper than we ever imagined possible. While this research specifically examines a third-party processor, we use this as a stepping stone to explore the feasibility of more widespread hardware backdoors.

BlackHat 2017

A processor is not a trusted black box for running code; on the contrary, modern x86 chips are packed full of secret instructions and hardware bugs. In this talk, we'll demonstrate how page fault analysis and some creative processor fuzzing can be used to exhaustively search the x86 instruction set and uncover the secrets buried in your chipset.

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